Artist Statement

The core of my practices revolves around the axis of digital. Digital is the cocoa of disciplines in our era. It is paradoxically bitter and sweet, influential and objectionable, limited and unlimited. Digital is real, surreal and abstract simultaneously. 

From old TVs and game consoles to new computers and smartphones, I have been living and growing with digital devices. 

Since in my works I shun realism as a result of perfectionism that includes humdrum everyday objects and figures, I perceive digitalism as the realisation of delusion dream. 

The process involved in my works is to create scenes of my imagination and research only after practices to steer clear of any confinements. 

Animated video art is my favourite digital form. It autonomously may include various types of art form. All within an abstraction theme with a touch of humour. 

Abstraction and theory tie individual pieces of my work together into a practice. “The End of History” theory talked by philosophers and critics like Hegel, Kojeve, Groys, and Zizek, has been the main subject of my practices during the past year. 

My intention is to exhibit my works in different platforms including the internet, galleries, art organisations, public spaces and streets.